How to Fade Caesarean Scar

Women who have had a cesarean section generally have a scar on the lower abdomen. Many women who feel these scars interfere with appearance, so trying to find ways to fade it. One way to fade Caesarean scar, including those that form keloids, is to use a special gel to fade the scar. Caesarean section is performed if giving birth normally is not possible. Like other surgical procedures, a caesarean section will leave a scarred stitch. In general, scars only look faint. However, if the suture wound becomes infected, the healing process will last longer and eventually leave a clearly visible scar. Likewise with scars that develop into keloids. Why Can Caesar Wounds Occur? Wounds are injuries that involve damage to body tissue, and generally occur in the skin as the outermost layer of protection. Scar formation is a natural part of the wound healing process. How the scar looks will depend on the treatment of wound healing, age, genetic factors, and type of wound. After the tissue d
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